Moritz Wesp

A listing of my Electronic Instruments

Virtual Trombone

In this instrument, my and passion for trombone and for sound synthesis are coming together. The trombone’s functionality is emulated through a theremin distance sensor, singing and various other sensors.

For more details please visit the project page.


A variation of a chessboard that serves as an audio signal mixer, originally developed by Lowell Cross for John Cage’s piece Reunion in 1968.
For more details please visit the project page.

The „Klanganzug“

A wearable analog synthesizer, featuring photoresistors, carbon lines, piezos, operating on a couple of CMOS-Chips. It always takes a while to put it on. 
The instrument made its first appearance in NOW MY LIFE IS SWEET LIKE CINNAMON’s Die Legende des Oqkarhagumn in 2018, where it was played by Eric Haupt, who took on the role of Ohc’zhlaahn as Der Klangkörper, the embodiment of the Klanganzug.

Synthesizer Trombone

A trombone with a heavy exoskeleton, constructed from electronic circuitry and plaster. The trombone’s original sound is processed using a phase lock loop system, witch converts it into a squarewave. Switches and potentiometers control the charging and discharging behavior of various capacitors resulting in captivating and unpredictable patterns of frequency fluctuation.

The sphere covering the trombone’s bell contains two sequencer-like units whose frequencies are controllable through changes in light, while their rhythmic properties are controlled by the part located in the back.


Straightforward monophonic analog synthesizer. Pulse width modulation and resonance low pass filters. Not well tempered. Combinations of different keys result in completely different pitches, which allows for delicate microtonal play.


Restoring Raphael Röchter’s old Ukulele turned out to be a complete success. Fimo, Hot Glue and tape are working together seamlessly.

Electronic for modified Otamatone

The first major project. After the newly purchased Otamatone decided to stop working, it didn’t seem reasonable to try hard to repair it.
Removing its electronic guts and using it as a resistance based controller for a new system seemed more meaningful and got me hooked on electronics in the first place.
Mostly played by Otamanice himself.


My very first project. Four different small units playable by using flashlights or other light sources. The old cardboard boxes were recently replaced with 3D-printed new ones.


Some smaller sound machines and effect pedals.